Friday, February 27, 2009

Lots of Post - Semi-Self Portrait

This portrait would be more accurate if I still smoked... I guess in my cartoon self I still do. I fell way behind this month on post but not on drawings, I've got a pile I'm scanning my way through and hope to get all of febs doodles up before it's march. I'm also playing around with some meta-tag stuff and am curious if Blogger looses this data or if it's retained when transferring the image to the site. I'm also interested if Google and other search engines pick it up. Given that there is some less the artist friendly legislation that keeps getting kicked around I thought it might be prudent to start meta tagging my work with copyright info ( beyond the big ass mark on the drawings already ) and a means to contact, cause  I know how much everyone be wanting my ideas =P... Well even so, an ounce of prevention eh? 
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