Monday, May 18, 2015

NYC PostCard Project!

I spent about 10 weeks in NYC for work. While I was there I gathered up a list of names and addresses from my friends and started the NYC PostCard project. While I had grand intentions to complete about 30y of these, I only ended up with about 10 of them. Most of which have been mailed and received at this point. Each card was hand drawn on Water Color postcard paper with Copic Markers. Some took longer then others, and I certainly like some more then others, but over all I'm pretty happy with the end results, and for the folks that got them, they seem to be to.

If you were on my list, and didn't receive a postcard, don't fret! I'll be continuing the project, seeking inspiration where ever I happen to be, until I finish each on of these guys. Till then, thanks for keeping me on the look out for the inspiration that's all around me.

Second Ave was my primary subway stop as I traveled often via the F train to mid-town and brooklyn. Being in the LES was great, both in terms of accessibility to the rest of the city and in nightlife, restaurants and booze soaked bars.

I found this bike outside of a lovely little cocktail bar called "Subject" While typically pretty busy on a weekend, this bar was a favorite haunt on the quieter Sunday through Wednesday nights. My first visit here was actually in January, and that bike was sitting there then, and it's still there as of my last visit. If you stop in, get to know Brian and Matt, both excellent gentleman with a keen ability to wip up tasty cocktails.

Brooklyn Broadway Stop. Really I just wanted to explore the colors here, it never ceases to amaze me how tidy the train stations in Manhattan are ( at least in the tourist sections) compared to Brooklyn.

This cheer full elephant greeted me most sunny days when I'd skip the F and walk down to the Bleeker St. Stop. Honestly when you're traveling during NYC  rush hour, skipping as many transfers as you can by walking is a great way to save your sanity.

The company I work for took up temporary residence over in the Chelsea district, this view I found when I snuck out on the fire escape to smoke. 

While pretty pricey, the Nomad bar offers some serious cocktails of new and yore. This is the view from the restaurant you have to walk through to get to the first of 3 bars. Worth the visit if you've got some cash to drink.

This little guy was kind of inspired by The Library bar, which quickly became a favorite haunt of mine. Full of amazing and friendly bartenders and patrons, it's one of the oldest dives left in LES. I never actually saw any rats there btw =)

I noticed this scrawled on a electric box, and it happened to be on my way to Subject bar, so I passed it frequently. I've seen it in a couple other spots around the city, but not sure as to it's origin or meaning. So I'm left to ponder, and presented in this case as what I would consider the worst case, a final plea for help from someone the city ran over.

These steam pipes are all over the city, and while I wrote some silly stuff about why they are, it seems they are a pretty crucial part of the city as you can see/learn here.


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