Sunday, November 30, 2008

Num Num - Birthday drawnings

On the weekend prior to my bday I had drinks with two other birthday folks, Nonnie and Christian along with several coworkers and friends down @ Low Brow Lounge. Much tequila and miller lite was consumed by myself and I'm sure less dirty stuff by others. Durning that time, Nonnie, one of the BDay'ers managed to get some Radio Cab taxi writing pads and we started a group brain storm for a new character. Starting only with the name of "Num Num". Above are the results, of one of the pads. As soon as I get the other I'll scan and post it. Each drawing is by a different person, can you guess which one is mine? Following this, comes "Giggles"... well... what's safe to post on blogger of it... censor bars to the rescue!!!!

Wow this took way to long. The "Giggles" drawing are yet to be scanned but at least now I have the second batch of "Num Num" drawings to post.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Napkin Drawings @ Valentines - Unofficial Band Promo

So back towards the end of October I got to see my friend Cat play at Valentines in downtown portland. She's part of the group "Hide & Go Hustle" These drawings were mostly created during her set that night, the first is of her, and I admit it's pretty poor but I was trying to capture her head gear more then anything....
The band plays with a mix of live instruments, the Cello and Guitar namely, with some live drums and horns but utilizes a ton of loop and effects peddles. I was drinking as I drew these and lost some of them, I swear I had a napkin full of just peddles, but these are what remain from 4 vodak tonics plus Hide & Go Hustle. Personally my favorite is of Mike peddling the guitar...

You should note Cat is in another group, in addition to Hide & Go Hustle called Black Heart Moon. Their first show is coming up on Decemeber 12 @ The Way Post in portland. Cat is flexing her singing muscles on this one, and I have to say she really should have busted them out sooner.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

From doodle to final form

Recently I've been making these binary robot cards. And I thought this was a good time to review how I often go from doodle into a "final" form.

To begin though, I should note that the cards original inspiration comes from a doodle over 3 years in age, that resulted in a painting I currently have hanging in my living room.
One night while looking at the above painting, hanging rather uncomfortably over the edge of my couch I doodled onto my floor what would eventually become a limited series of silkscreen wooden and paper cards.

Below is the first iteration from floor drawing to hand drawn wooden cards. The last of this series I managed to ship and sell on Etsy, while the first, the heart one, I gave as a "tester" gift to my sweetums.

The second derivative of the floor drawing was a more refined limited silkscreen run on smooth found wood silkscreen prints and a companion limited paper card series. From the hand drawn series I expanded on the use of binary as a geeky but unique and appropriate method to say "Thank U"

All of these, of course, are now on my Etsy site, *hint*hint*wink*wink*.

I hope, in sharing these stories, it'll make you think twice about what can come from those meandering lines you may be scrawling about.

Radio Controled

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Planning for Thirty

This was a big year for me. My last in the 20ty's. On Nov. 26th, I'll have crossed over from the age of youth and wonder to one of the first official old age markers. Just 2 generations ago, 30ty was middle age, now I think the baby boomer crowd is claiming there is no middle age, but it still bears that weight when you approach it. I don't fully know what 30ty means to me yet. It looms, like a deadline for a project you are no were near finishing but none the less are expected to meet, pass or fail.

For those of you who follow that I know in the real, I'll be planning something for the 21rst or 22nd of this month, so keep it open. Funeral attire won't be required but there will be drinking involved. =)


Penguin Thoughts

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Dino Shirt

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Monster Winner is...

After two days of voting, Rebekah's "B is for brain...that's good enough for me..." Has won the popular vote in the second poll. So I'll be sending Rebekah a signed copy of the oringinal artwork! Congrats Rebekah and thanks to everyone for Playing! Keep an eye for future holiday caption contest here!


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