Saturday, September 10, 2011

Awesome Sauce

About a Year ago, artist, photographer, musician, Michal Garcia visited us. While he was here, the phrase "Awesome Sauce" was routinely used to affirm plans, actions, comments and pretty much everything else. So much so, that I found myself saying it after he left. This past May I had the chance to visit with him during my trip to Hong Kong. I found Michal as positive, friendly and as accommodating as he was when he visited us. He took the time to show us around HK, introduce us to new people and generally make sure we had an Awesome Sauce time while we were there. When I returned to Portland, I wanted to send him a thank you, and The Awesome Sauce poster was born.

This is a limited edition hand pulled screen print, that I both designed and printed at The Pull. The prints were made using non-toxic water based cyan and magenta inks. The violet coloring of the * pattern in the A was accomplished by overprinting the magenta on top of the cyan. There are only 21 numbered and signed copies of these posters around, the first of which I shipped off to to Michal in HK. The second, I framed for myself. As for the rest, dear readers, they are for you. You can find them in my etsy shop now

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