Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So as my job prepares to move to a new local, I have been inspired to get some cleanup done in my home/workspace. My art follows me around, never accepting to be in only one room, space, drawer, shelf, bread box, pillow case, butter dish or were ever I may designate. And as such, I wonder, what should I do with these bits. 

I've come to one conclusion, they need to be recycled in some fashion. I'm trying to come up with some rules for the process of selecting what stays and what goes.In the past I've actually made sketch book scrap books, cutting the best stuff out for use later. The prime stuff ended up on a cork board and most of that ended up in oils. I Now I think I need to just scan more and more and more and let my hd clutter. But scanning the past 6 years worth of ary seems a daunting task and a lot less cathartic then just making a pile and removing it from my life.

So how do you deal with your mountain of sketchpads, old or never finished art and supporting pieces? Should I just craigslist for an intern to scan and document all my scattered bits? And afterwards what really is the best end for a piece of sketch paper?
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