Monday, September 7, 2009

Cross Pollenating on

I started this drawing a few post back with the intention of coloring it in. I started digitizing it and decided it would be my first submission to This required a simpler color palate, 6 max. So if you like it, go vote for it and maybe we can get it printed up!

I haven't been big on the T-Shirt contest scene but has a combination of exposure, compensation and artist rights that's got me excited about the possibility of what these sites can be for indy t-shirt designers. It also provides me a chance to do shirts and designs that are a bit beyond my current capabilities. The site is new and the community small but there have been some pretty cool shirts made, my favs so far

Greg Abotts Joy Ride
Rawroutlouds - Get a Job
TangYauHoongs - So Hot Yet So Cold

So join up, vote up and submit some stuff too...
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