Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sabbatical Countdown To-Do's

In 4 weeks I'll start a 6-week Sabbatical. An effort on my part to immerse myself in illustration, art and silkscreening without the Steady 40ty getting in the way. A couple years ago I started having periodical "Meetings With Self". This served as a check-in on what I've been trying to get done and have gotten done, what I want to do and setting some realistic milepost to getting there. In general this has worked pretty well in keeping me motivated. So below are my pre-sabbatical Meeting With Self... from ideas I need to resolve, supplies I need to buy, procuring a gallery/retail space for a Thanksgiving event and a December show... I though posting here would help keep me on track...

I'll be checking back in regularly on my progress so stay tuned and I hope to get more of my new comic books pre-production sketches up soon.
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