Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pup & Sheep - Wood prints

I've got these lil wood panels that I cut and sanded down from some found wood just over a year or so ago. Initially I printed up a small batch of Binary Thank You cards on them, but found the process to be really difficult. A year has passed, and my skill and understanding of my press has improved, so this time around, it was pretty easy.

A few post back I submitted this lil doodle of a pup and some sheep... I said I had more in store, and there's two other projects in the works with them, but these lil wood panels are almost done... All said and done, there are only 8 sheep and 4 pups. That's 2 sheep per pup per set. I need these through our Black Friday Event but will be placing them on Etsy afterwards.

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