Sunday, November 30, 2008

Num Num - Birthday drawnings

On the weekend prior to my bday I had drinks with two other birthday folks, Nonnie and Christian along with several coworkers and friends down @ Low Brow Lounge. Much tequila and miller lite was consumed by myself and I'm sure less dirty stuff by others. Durning that time, Nonnie, one of the BDay'ers managed to get some Radio Cab taxi writing pads and we started a group brain storm for a new character. Starting only with the name of "Num Num". Above are the results, of one of the pads. As soon as I get the other I'll scan and post it. Each drawing is by a different person, can you guess which one is mine? Following this, comes "Giggles"... well... what's safe to post on blogger of it... censor bars to the rescue!!!!

Wow this took way to long. The "Giggles" drawing are yet to be scanned but at least now I have the second batch of "Num Num" drawings to post.

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