Sunday, November 9, 2008

Planning for Thirty

This was a big year for me. My last in the 20ty's. On Nov. 26th, I'll have crossed over from the age of youth and wonder to one of the first official old age markers. Just 2 generations ago, 30ty was middle age, now I think the baby boomer crowd is claiming there is no middle age, but it still bears that weight when you approach it. I don't fully know what 30ty means to me yet. It looms, like a deadline for a project you are no were near finishing but none the less are expected to meet, pass or fail.

For those of you who follow that I know in the real, I'll be planning something for the 21rst or 22nd of this month, so keep it open. Funeral attire won't be required but there will be drinking involved. =)
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