Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mountains Made of Fur

I recently began exchanging tweets with Jessica Gowling of Natures My Friend. She's a printmaker and artist from Canada who's work often centers around nature. Recently she finished making the "Mountains Made of Fur" zine pictured above and sent a tweet out asking if anyone wanted a copy. I, of course, tweeted quickly back that I would love one.

The envelope arrived in my P.O. Box held together with a furry triangle sticker. And after careful consideration I opened it down the right side and slide the contents out.

I can't show you everything that was inside the envelope but here's a few glimpses...

And some fun stickers, including my favorite "When Life Gives You TENDONITIS Make ZINES" .

The back side of the Zine folds out into a poster, and that's going up on my newly made inspiration walls ( more on that in a later post). The stickers should be finding their way around town soon. As a thank you for sharing her art with me, I'm sending a package back ( should be in the mail soon) with one of my comics and some other goodies... I haven't really done any mail art swaps before, but if anyone else is interested in a swap, let me know! If you want to get in on Jessica's mail art, be sure to find her on twitter!
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