Saturday, April 30, 2011

Plan B - Drink and Draw

Last night at the Chair Affair I ran into a friend who happened to be running the sound for the event. He mentioned a couple bands playing over at Plan B afterwards so since I wasn't busy and had consumed a couple free drinks already, I decided to head over. I carry my sketch books around with me almost always and so while I waited for the bands to start and for Joe to get done breaking down the "pipecloth" I started sketching a bit...
As I was drawing a picture of me thinking about monsters to draw one of the bartenders asked if she could draw me a picture. And then asked this girl, who was only identified to me as "Almost a Doctor" to add onto her drawing... The result is this charming doodle of someone confused as to why they are being pee'd on by a dog. The bartender drew the person, the "almost doctor" drew the pissing pooch.
Shortly after this the music started, and with the small crowd and my prime bar stool, I couldn't resist trying my had at capturing them... The first band was a husband wife combo called Destroy Nate Allen. Their energy was pretty awesome, talking the crowd into singing, clapping and participating with them as they sung silly punk folk songs about riding bikes and how he hates the song she likes..
Next up, and probably my favorite act of the night, a group called Dangerous Ponies . Their band is pretty massive, their music catchy, and their tambourine player is so hard core that he cut his hand up on his tambourine. Plan B must be used to this, as they dressed his hand quickly and returned him back to the stage before the next track was complete.
About this time Joe show'd up and another group came on who's name I didn't catch. Their music was pretty mellow/dark sounding with an 80's new wave edge to it.
Finally the band that Joe is friends with, Cat Fancy, was on. They were pretty rocking, I drew the lead vocalist a second time, cause I felt she came off way to manish below, but I think that drawing ended up with, as I drew a pretty silly and ill drawn picture of him on the back side.
There are more non-band related doodles from the night but I think I'll save them for another post. Also, I'll be posting more about the chair affair as soon as I download and sort the pictures I took.

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