Sunday, April 10, 2011

Packages from Afar

If there is any benefit for me about Laura, aka CuriousDoodles, traveling and leaving me here in Portland, it's that I often get cool things in the mail. I haven't shared any of these mailings publicly but she was recently in India, and I just received the following package from her.

I forget the name for this type of mailer but the whole thing is wrapped in a soft canvas like fabric and held together with string and what appears to be wax.

I think it's by far one of the coolest looking packages I've ever received in the mail. I have yet to open it though, as I'm not sure how to do so without ruining it. My guess is to start with the string and sort the rest out from there. I have a hunch though that this is a storage package ( she's been sending back stuff she doesn't want to lug on the rest of her 6 month trip), so once I check in with her I'll see if I should even bother to try and open it or just leave it for her return.

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